Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Radical East London History Tour

I've been assigned the task of doing the publicity for our History Tour- it's to raise money for The East End Howler, a working class news sheet I do as part of Action East End.  It's the thing I do.  It's my thing that I do.  To make me feel useful.  So go!  In other news, soon I definitely won't be homeless- I've found a brilliant cheap room with lovely people in Manor House.  So I'm now frantically looking for work.  Anyway, enough of that  go here to find out about the History Tour, and if you're on facebook, go to the event and say WOW SOUNDS GREAT YES PLEASE.

I won't actually be there.  A tree is being planted in Somerset for my Uncle Jim on that day, so I'll be there.  It's pretty much the most beautiful and Jimmy thing to come out of his death.